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Added Value


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Save time


Looking for a female french voice over today ?

Available, responsive, steady, assisted by my sound engineer, I will help you save time by delivering in an instant a voice-over that you can use at once.

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Till full satisfaction



True partner, I will cooperate as a member of your team.

Your vocal creativity, that's my speciality.

I will record my voice until you are totally satisfied with the result.


Artistic creativity

Looking for a skilled female voice expert ?

I was born in the radio world at the liberalization of FM stations in 1982, when you would handle sound with utmost care and voice would play an essential part in conquering the audience. Armed with 20 years of experience in professional and home studios, I am always striving to convey your audio material in the best possible way and with passion, caring for every detail from the script to the delivery.

Manage the recording

Are you are a sound engineer, movie director, artistic director, agency, or an audiovisual professional ?

Do you wish to manage the recording session ? To carry out the post production in real time ? To get your customers involved ?

My studio is equipped with technologies like Source-Connect, ISDN, Session Link Prod, IpDtl, Skype. We will be connected online at all times, wherever you might be in the world.


Gains in terms of quality

Looking for a voice-over ready to sound design ? or ready for use ?

My sound engineer can optimize the audio quality, montage, editing, and synchronization according to your needs.

My voice is captured in an acoustic sound booth with top noch reference equipment.

In all simplicity

How do we work together ? 
An e-mail, a text to record, and a brief description are enough for me to manage the recording of your whole project

Always in direct contact, I will be your single interlocutor, the one who understands your material and who will accurately reveal your audio communication by recording your voice-over.

The invoice for my services will be sent by the end of the month.


Product information, commercial strategy, e-learning, ...

The texts you send to me will be treated in strict confidence.

As I am your only interlocutor, you can rest assured that the information and recording are processed safely.

Delivery via a dedicated FTP server, with respect to the date of delivery set beforehand.

Suitable rates

Suitable rates

My rates are consistent, appropriate to the use, diffusion, media plan and notoriety of the advertiser.

Flexibility depending on the recurrence of the partnership.

Billing at the end of the month.

Ask for the standard rates for my services or a quote adapted to your needs by e-mail.