Estelle Hubert

Voix Off


Hand in hand, we are stronger and we go farther. One day a shoulder, a voice – another one, some support... It's been more than 15 years already that Gilles Senicourt (general director and programme manager of Delta FM) and myself, share all the emotions from one of the most faithful professionnel partnerships every day. 


Without forgetting to mention the success story of this lovely local radio that was able to capture the attention of the audience from the Flandre Côte d’Opale bay in just a few years, it's first and foremost this « particuliar relationship » that I wish to laud. Because what looked yesterday like a small local partnership in the North of France has been going on for more than a decade and, full of promise, is looming on the sacrosanct future of numerical and digital technologies. 


« Together, we grew »... that Gilles, is what you told me... and that is why I have been burning to express to you in this post my most heartfelt « Thank you ! ».  I want you to know that the one you like to call « the voice antenna of DELTA FM » will never get tired of accompagnying you, as long as the future holds for us as many wonderful promises as in the past... and I know, I believe – that working together, we will keep on the right track ;)



Delta Fm in a few numbers :

Delta FM, the N° 1 radio in Flandre Côte d'Opale.

91 000 daily listeners on these FM frequencies(Dunkirk, St Omer,  Boulogne).

30.3% : The best audience rates in FRANCE (for all cities, all radios taken together).

Médiamétrie survey, médialocales, Sept 2017 June 2018- from 5 a.m to midnight on 13 year-olds and above.